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Wild Irish Rose
Submitted by: Jana
1 ounce lime juice
1 ounce Grenadine
1 ounce Bushmill's
7 ounces Gingerale
Mix and pour over ice. top with ginger ale in a 12 oz glass.
Note: The drink ooks like a sunset, red at the bottom fading to pink at the top. If you use only 1/2 oz Bushmill's is a Mild Irish Rose...

Irish Cup O' Joe
Submitted by: AngelBreath
1 shot Bailey's Irish Cream
1 oz chocolate syrup
fill with coffee
Pour Baileys and chocolate syrup in a coffee mug. Fill with hot coffee, stir and enjoy.

Irish Curdling Cow
Submitted by: AngelBreath
3/4 oz Bailey's Irish Cream
3/4 oz Bourbon Whiskey
3/4 oz Vodka
2 - 3 oz orange juice
Pour Irish Cream, Vodka, and Bourbon into a highball glass. Add some ice and mix in the orange juice. Serve.

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