Ghost Pins
Submitted by: Barbiel
Ghost Pins
1 white craft foam sheet
black craft pen or Sharpie marker
hot glue or white craft glue
small wiggle eyes, 2 for each pin
pin backs, 1 for each pin
red and blue craft pens or sharpie markers (optional)
Cut out ghost shapes from white craft foam. Decorate faces with black pen. A large, elongated oval makes a fun, spooky mouth. You can use the black pen to draw eyes on if you wish, or glue on wiggle eyes with white craft glue.You can draw on eyebrows and even buttons with your black pen as well. If you like, draw on colorful bowties with blue and red craft pens. Turn pins over and using either a hot glue gun or white craft glue, attach the pin backs. If using white craft glue, allow to dry for at least an hour.
For even fancier pins, use tiny cloth bowties and flowers to decorate your ghosts. These can be found at craft supply stores, usually in the doll-making aisle.
You can use cardstock or poster board for these pins if you like, but foam sheets are inexpensive and will last longer as they don't rip as easily.
Pin backs can be found at in packages at discount department and craft supply stores.

Ghosts and Jack-O'-Lanterns Wreath
Submitted by: Barbiel
Ghosts and Jack-O'-Lanterns Wreath
wire coat hanger
14 to 16 toilette paper rolls
Halloween color paint like white, orange or black (optional)
white and orange construction paper (you could also use craft foam or white paper painted or colored)
tape, glue and scissors
Take each toilette paper roll and cut a slit halfway through. Paint them in a neutral color (as an example brown) and let them dry. Bend the coat hanger to form a circle. Using the slits cut halfway through the rolls, slide each of your toilette paper rolls onto the hanger to form a big circle of toilette paper rolls. Take a bit of masking or scotch tape and tape the rolls together (tape the openings of the rolls on the inside of the circle together - this will keep the rolls from spinning around while you're working). If you choose not to do this, the paper leaves will keep everything from spinning on the finished craft. Cut out many ghost and pumpkin shapes. Fold the construction paper in half and in half again and trace the shapes onto the top. Then cut out the shape from the folded paper and got 4 at a time (one person can be doing this part while another is assembling the toilette paper roll wreath base). Draw faces on the ghosts with black marker. Glue green construction paper leaves and stems on the pumpkins and draw faces on with marker. Glue all the characters onto the toillete paper roll base, overlapping so it's nice and full. Tie a bow on the top if you want to.
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Spider's Web
Submitted by: Barbiel
Spider's Web
a piece of black card
spray can of varnish
spray can of paint
Make sure the spider has finished with the web and is not on the web. Spread a thin layer of glue on the black card. Spray the web with the paint, gold or white are particularly suitable. Or you could gently brush on some talcum powder. Bring the glued side of the card carefully up behind the web. Avoid any sideways movement. Try to get all parts of the web to stick to the card at once. Cut the supporting threads at the edges of the web - the spider will soon make a new one. Spray the web with varnish to form a protective layer. Hang up your preserved web - it makes an unusual and attractive picture if you frame it.
Note: It takes practise to get spider's webs to stick onto the card without distortion. Don't be disappointed if your first efforts are rather folded or tangled up.

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