Substituting Equipment


Egg Beater:
Use a wire whisk or if you are really desperate hold 2 forks together (facing inward).

Try a sieve and a wooden spoon to stir flour through. Works great.

Put a custard cup or empty tuna fish can in a pot. Place a heatproof dish with food to be steamed on top. Then add boiling water but don't allow it to touch the plate. Cover your pot and let steam.

Cookie Cutter:
Use a drinking glass.

Insulated Cookie Sheet:
Use two regular cookie sheets. Place one on top of the other.

Rolling Pin:
Use a wooden dowel or an empty bottle

Crock Pot:
Use a tightly covered casserole dish in 200 degree oven for 8 hours .

Double Boiler:
Use any type of small ovenproof glass or earthenware bowl. Put it in a skillet with about 1/2 inch of water. Actually this works better because you will be able to control the heat of the water if it boils too much or if the water gets low you can add more. Also the sauce you are making will cook more evenly.

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