Acorn Squash with Apricot Glaze

Apple-Glazed Carrots

Artichoke and Meat Stew

Asparagus Casserole

Asparagus with Creamy Mushroom Dressing

Asparagus with Mustard Dressing

Baked Eggplant With Mushroom and Tomato Sauce

Baked Zucchini Half Shells

Boston Baked Beans

Broccoli Casserole

Broccoli Casserole I

Cabbage au Gratin

Cauliflower Casserole

Cream Cheese and Herb Mashed Potatoes

Creamy Mashed Potatoes with Fresh Herbs

Crispy Eggplant in Spicy Sauce

Eggplant Miracle

Jerusalem Artichoke Saute'

Marinated Veggie Kabobs

Mixed Fall Vegetables

Mushroom Burgers

Okra with Stewed Tomatoes and Peppers

Potato Casserole

Potato Salad

Scalloped Eggplant

Southern Fried Corn

Spinach Pie

Spinach Squares

Squash "Mujver" Patties

Stewed Tomatoes

Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable Casserole

Vegetable Lasagna

Whipped Sweet Potatoes

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